Monday, June 28, 2010

New Notes App Store

Vibrant Apps Community

The point of NotesAppStore is to show that there is a vibrant community building customer-tested apps for Lotus Notes. Anyone looking at Google apps can find many comparable apps in Lotus Notes. However, the Lotus Notes apps are more mature and have been field tested, some for many years. The variety and functionality of these apps also is unrivaled by anything Google offers to businesses.

The other huge distinction is vendor support. Most of the vendors in the NotesAppStore are small to midsize businesses (SMB) who are available to help install and support their Apps. They will answer the phone. This excellent app support will be critical when there is a problem. And they have references to prove it!

NotesAppStore Site Features

Under the Company Listing, I put all the Twitter name and company blogs that I could find, along with a link to the management page of each website. Again, most of these Lotus Notes App vendors are approachable leaders of small to midsize businesses who are quite visible in the Lotus community.

You can also Search for anything on the site.

There is also a place to Recommend an App and another place to Post a Comment to help make the site more useful.

So, Lotus Notes and Domino users, finally we can say "There is an App for that" !

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